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  • Home Pet Care

    Through our network of dedicated pet care service providers we can help arrange in-home services to help you manage and maintain the health of your pet
  • Human Animal Bond Consultant

    The Cherished Pets Community Veterinary Care team is joining a leading movement of people in Australia passionate about the human animal bond and its potential
  • End of Life

    Our compassionate home euthanasia service is one that we have developed with a whole heart and commitment to ensuring a pet can leave this life in the comfort of a familiar environment, in the company of family (if this is desired) and without stress or pain.
Finding the right training solution for your dog

There are many dog trainers, organisations and clubs out there offering solutions and advice to “fix” your dog’s behaviour. So which one is best for you and your dog? To make the right choice, start by doing some homework. Unfortunately what some dog trainers don’t tell you is that the dog training profession is not regulated, which means that you don’t need any formal qualifications or training to call yourself a dog trainer. A problem with this is that there are trainers out there who are underqualified, inexperienced and still using outdated and potentially dangerous dog training methods. To get the best trainer, you should ask them what qualifications and experience they have. Select a dog trainer who has completed either a Certificate III in Dog Behaviour and Training or a Certificate IV in Companion Animals attained from a reputable training organisation such as Delta or the National Dog Trainers Federation. These ...

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