Current Projects

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  • Home Pet Care

    Through our network of dedicated pet care service providers we can help arrange in-home services to help you manage and maintain the health of your pet
  • Human Animal Bond Consultant

    The Cherished Pets Community Veterinary Care team is joining a leading movement of people in Australia passionate about the human animal bond and its potential
  • End of Life

    Our compassionate home euthanasia service is one that we have developed with a whole heart and commitment to ensuring a pet can leave this life in the comfort of a familiar environment, in the company of family (if this is desired) and without stress or pain.

There is growing discussion and publicity at the moment around the detrimental health effects of dog breeds with pug faces (ie pugs, bulldogs, boston terriers). The technical term for this is “brachycephalic” breeds. My thoughts go to people who currently own and love these breeds. The point is not to shame or blame people who own brachycephalic breeds. After all, they are so cute and adorable; how can we NOT love them! We all love our dogs, whatever their size or shape. Whatever breed of dog that you own, we are here to support you through all life stages. The recent launch of the “Love is Blind” campaign however, is a wonderful and welcome initiative. It is being steered by the RSPCA Australia and the Australian Veterinary Association. Check out and watch the video. If we ...

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